Orange County California Real Estate Market Stats and Outlook

In the month of October, 2017, the Orange County real estate market has stayed strong. I can go for days about how great it is, or I can show you with numbers. You want numbers?  Here you go…I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Homes for Sale: 4,874

Homes Sold: 1,518

Average Sales Price: $775,000

Average Days on Market: 51

This is how October compares with the past year:


       Active Pending     Sold Median Sale Price


Days on Market
Oct 2017 017 4,874 1,052 1,518 $775,000 51
33 Months Ago 3 M 4,731 2,328 1,778 $778,000 43
6 Months Ago 6 M 4,688 2,584 1,842 $788,000 40
12 Months Ago 12   4,313 2,106 1,453 $740,000 66



The market is slowing down just a bit…which is normal at this time of the year.  The Median Sales Price is much higher than the US’s average of $274,000 and is higher than this time last year. The days on the market is lower than it was this time last year, and much lower compared to the US average of 73 days.

If you want a Real Estate Market Statistical Report for a specific city in Orange County, click here and I’ll send you one right to your inbox! Be informed.


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